Yellowstone S02E04

Download complete hollywood Yellowstone S02E04 tv series. At night the plane flies over the Dutton ranch and drops feed for the herd. In the morning Rip, Jimmy and Casey find almost the entire herd dead. Jenkins learns that the land on which he and Rainwater are building a casino and a hotel is being added to the reservation bypassing the state. The Beck brothers are unhappy with this situation who offer an alliance to John Dutton against the tribe. Casey looks for the plane from which the clover was dropped. However, when he requests the promised support from the sheriff, he is denied. An accident occurs that delays the investigation. Jamie realizes that it will be difficult for him in the family since Beth is against him. John Dutton orders to set fire to the fields before the clover sprouts. Enjoy flixtor download and a tremendous collection of TV shows in HD quality.

Genre: DramaFixtorTv-ShowWestern


Quality: HD

Release: ,

Duration: 46min

TMDb: 8.8