Swamp Thing S01-E05-Drive All Night

Swamp Thing meets an outsider known as the Phantom Stranger, who discloses to him that the apparitions that he saw before were in reality occasions seen by the trees previously. Susie gets controlled by Shawna’s phantom and draws Maria to the bog. Abby pursues Maria to the marsh and gets into the water to attempt spare her, yet Maria turns round and attempts to suffocate Abby. Abby figures out how to swim far from Maria. Shawna’s apparition at that point attempts to suffocate Maria, yet Swamp Thing shows up and spares her. With Swamp Thing’s assistance Abby finds that Shawna has been executed by an insidious power that pulled her submerged. Avery compromises Liz, on account of her examination concerning Alec’s passing. Liz discloses to Avery that she’s not scared of him. Daniel attempts to leave Marais, yet at the fringe his arm burst into blue blazes. Jason look through Alec’s lab and discovers mammoth impressions that prompts a bit of vegetation. In the wake of examining it he infers that is a similar hereditary material as the example that Abby got. Jason at that point discloses to Avery that a huge animal is living in the bog and that he needs it to be alive so as to think about it. Avery gives him the name of somebody who can chase down and catch the animal.

Genre: 2019ActionAdventureDramaTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 53min

TMDb: 8.7