House of the Dragon Season 2

How To Stream House of the Dragon Season 2 Online On FlixTor?
In the second season, the Blacks still maintain their advantage in dragons. While Alicent’s supporters only have three dragons, Rhaenyra and her allies possess three wild dragons and five tamed ones. However, success in this realm is not solely determined by the number of dragons. Similar to “Game of Thrones,” various unpredictable factors can tilt the balance in favor of one side or the other. At the beginning of the second season, previously overlooked characters emerge onto the scene, potentially finding themselves in opportune positions driven by their own self-interests. The cunning master of whisperers, Laris Strong, eliminates unreliable individuals among Alicent’s followers, driven by his twisted sexual desires. Laris clearly aims to garner more attention than he had at the start of the season, as evidenced by his bold speech and Aegon’s favor. These are indirect indications that Huey will make a significant impact at the right moment, ensuring his presence is not fleeting. Watch the episodes of this latest series House of the Dragon Season 2 on Flixtor HD.

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Duration: 50 Minutes