Defending Jacob S01E04

Download complete hollywood Defending Jacob S01E04 tv series. Andy, Laurie, and Jacob work with Joanna to plan a defense strategy, but Joanna quickly finds inconsistencies in Jacob’s version of events and warns Andy to be clear about the facts before trial. Andy, determined to prove his son’s innocence, comes home to Matt, a teenager who accused Leonard Patz of sexual harassment in the library. Andy tries to interrogate Matt, but the conversation turns into open conflict, and Andy realizes that the guy is hiding something. In the evening, Jacob tells his father that Sarah believes Derek killed Ben. Jacob despite the parental ban creates a secret Instagram account. Meanwhile, Laurie is less and less able to control her emotions. She comes to the Spring Festival at the orphanage, telling Andy that she is going to dinner with a friend. In the diner where Laurie stops by on her way home, a friendly woman comes up to her and starts talking sweetly with Laurie but when Laurie realizes that she is in front of a reporter from the Boston Globe, she runs out of the diner in a panic and decides not to tell Andy about what happened. Enjoy tremendous collection of flixtor horror movies in HD quality.

Genre: CrimeDramaFixtorMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 51min

TMDb: 8.1