Star Trek-Picard S01-E05

Stream Star Trek: Picard S1E5 tv series free only on flixtor. The Siren arrives at Freecloud, and Ruffy discovers that a merchant named Beyazle is about to sell Maddox to Tal Shiar. Picard and his men are trying to exchange the Seventh for Maddox, because Bazel sells Borg implants, but the women recognize each other. The seventh then explains that she is about to kill Beyazle in revenge for Icheb. Picard persuades her not to do this, and everyone teleports to the ship with the wounded Maddox. The seventh then returns to the planet and kills the merchant. In the ship’s infirmary, Maddox explains to Picard that he sent Daj and Soji to Earth and to the Borg cube to find the true reason for the ban on synthetics. After Picard leaves, Jurati kills Maddox, apparently deciding to work with Zhat Vash. Meanwhile, Raffy is trying to meet his son Gabliel, who is married to a Romulan. Stream trending titles of Hollywood only at flixtor movie website.

Genre: 2020ActionAdventureDramaFixtorTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 45 min