Money Heist S05 E05

Watch full Money Heist season 5 – fifth episode Live Many Lives in HD. In this episode, You will see the past: Tokyo and Rene robbed a bank, but unsuccessfully, the guy is killed, the girl is put on the run. The Professor and Berlin are watching this on TV, they decide to take her to their team. Tokyo hid for ten days, remembering the past with Rene, she ran faster and farther so that melancholy would not overtake her.

Now she is in the Bank of Spain, she is at a dead end and a military mop-up squad has come for her. Even this cannot stop Tokyo, she will fight to the end. The military began drilling in the pantry, while Tokyo and Rio tried to stop them. Shelling began on them from the outside. Rio is drilled to it from below, but the hole is too small. She lets the enemy close to her and pulls the pin out of the grenades. To know more watch full tv series online on flixtor website in HD quality.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 70 min

TMDb: 8.6