Money Heist S05 E04

Watch full Money Heist season 5 – fourth episode Your Place in Heaven in HD. In this episode, Major Sagasta’s capture team blows up the roof. At this moment, Helsinki, located on the top floor, is blown away by a shock wave and presses down on the thigh with a column. The professor re-enters the game and coordinates the team. He warns Tokyo, Denver and Manila about snipers watching the roof and advises them to take hostages with them. The assault squad descends into the bank through the hole in the roof and Helsinki holds the defense to the last. Palermo, Bogota and Rio are in time to help him.
Meanwhile, the Professor notices the grenade launchers on the surveillance cameras and realizes that a second attack from below is being prepared. Lisbon reports that before releasing the manager, they installed a bug in his handcuffs, and now they have dirt on Tamayo. Stream online latest 2021 myflixer movies online in 1080p HD.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 70 min

TMDb: 8.1