Loki S02 E06

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The revelation in Loki season 2 episode 6, is that Loki’s time-slipping was brought on by He Who Remains. Regardless of how hard he tried, he did this to make Loki recognize it. Since the Temporal Loom serves as a barrier to preserve the Sacred Timeline, it would always collapse, hence he was unable to save the multiverse. He Who Remains decided to head the TVA alongside Loki, hoping that this would incite Loki to kill Sylvie. It’s interesting that He Who Remains declares that Loki will fail no matter what he decides. One of two things must happen: either the Temporal Loom collapses eternally and wipes out the multiverse, or Sylvie must pass away, fulfilling the myth that all Loki ultimately fail. Flixtor movie website’s like a goldmine for movie lovers around the world.

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