Nimona 2023

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A group of knights that uphold the traditions started by their heroine Gloreth, who according to mythology slew a monster to defend a town, guard the kingdom and its inhabitants. Despite not being from a noble family, Ballister Blackheart prepared to become one of these knights and was given the chance thanks to the Queen and his fellow knight and lover Ambrosius Goldenloin. Ballister loses his arm at Ambrosius’ hands after being falsely accused of the Queen’s murder and becomes a wanted fugitive. Ballister draws the attention of shape-shifter Nimona, who wants to work with a “supervillain” as a sidekick, while he begins to plot how to figure out who has been framing him. Get most famous Flixtor movies and tv series collections without any membership costs.

Nimona 2023

Genre: ActionAdventureAll Latest MoviesAnimationFlixTor 2023


Quality: HD


Date: July 3, 2023

IMDb: 7.7

Duration: 101 min