Sympathy for the Devil 2023

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In Sympathy for the Devil, an anonymous Las Vegas man (Joel Kinnaman) leaves his son with the boy’s grandma so that he can accompany his wife to the hospital for the birth of their new baby. Another man (Nicolas Cage) sneaks into the first man’s car in the parking garage, threatens him with a gun, and orders him to start driving. The driver attempts to determine how much danger he is in and whether he will be able to return to his wife after taking the passenger to his destination. He also keeps an eye out for prospective escape routes. However, the more they drive, the more the passenger appears to have an agenda. You can enjoy here full HD movie experience only on Flixtor movie website.

Sympathy for the Devil 2023

Genre: ActionFlixTor 2023Thriller


Quality: HD


Date: August 8, 2023

IMDb: 5.6

Duration: 90 min