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Napoleon is introduced by Scott as Marie Antoinette, the final Queen of France. With her head displayed for the enjoyment of the assembled guests on a platform. Not long after, Napoleon Bonaparte arrives, eager to establish his mettle as a military leader. After the French drive the British out of Toulon, Napoleon swiftly advances through the military ranks and crosses paths with Vanessa Kirby’s character, Josephine. Although chyrons are used to show who is who, Scott seems more interested in establishing the mood of the movie than he does in helping viewers get situated in the historical context. Unfortunately, Napoleon wavers between a type of domestic comedy and a dry biography that recounts the tale of the petulant emperor of France, making it difficult to discern what direction he intends to go in. Browse 2024 top quality movies and new tv shows only on Flixtor website.

Napoleon 2023 Cam Version

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Date: November 27, 2023

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