God Is a Bullet 2023

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In God is a Bullet, an escaped cult member aids a police officer in finding his stolen daughter. Bob Hightower, a desk jockey police officer, is devastated to learn that his ex-wife was murdered and that his teenage daughter Gabi had been abducted by a Satanic cult lead by the vicious Cyrus one Christmas. Case Hardin, a recent escapee from the cult who has painful recollections of the time she was abducted as a youngster, offers Bob help in finding his daughter. The Ferryman assists Bob and Case in getting the weapons they need to infiltrate the cult and locate Gabi. You will get a number of genres on the daily basis on Flixtor movies online website.

God Is a Bullet 2023

Genre: ActionCrimeFlixTor 2023Horror


Quality: HD


Date: July 19, 2023

IMDb: 5.5

Duration: 156 min