Hunting Ava Bravo 2022

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Watch full movie Hunting Ava Bravo 2022 online in HD on FlixTor To streaming site. Buddy King is a self-assured and cruel billionaire who enjoys hunting lately. That is, his victims are not forest animals, but actual humans. The sadist abducts the unfortunate and then abandons them in his suburban estate, where no one will come to their aid. They are given a slim chance of survival before becoming the killer’s next trophy. However, Eva Bravo falls into his trap one day. She is determined to fight because she does not want to die right now. The heroine proved to be much smarter and more agile than the previous girls, which King did not expect.

And it all started when Eva, upon waking up in an unfamiliar location, discovers an audio recording in which she is invited to play a game. According to the rules, the heroine must walk 8 kilometres to find a shelter where a snowmobile is hidden for the descent from the mountain. And if she completes the task successfully, the woman will be free; if not, she will be the next trophy. But King overlooked one factor: the heroine was not used to giving up so easily.

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Review of the movie Hunting Ava Bravo 2022
Buddy King, the billionaire tyrant, has fun kidnapping people and hunting them down on his country estates, but his latest victim, Eve, turns out to be smarter and more agile than the rest and gives the psychopath a worthy rebuff.

Hunting Ava Bravo 2022

Genre: 2022ActionMyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: August 25, 2022

IMDb: 4.2

Duration: 90 min