Your Christmas or Mine? 2022

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Watch full free movie Your Christmas or Mine? 2022 online on fixtor website in HD. Two people are standing on the railway platform at the start of the film. Hayley and Jay are reeling from their breakup. Their relationship has been going for a few months, and they are nearing the point where they will start using the word “love” when confessing feelings. They both board their respective trains first, then decide on the spur of the moment to board the other’s train and surprise. They end up at each other’s houses, attempting to communicate with families they’ve never met. Lost cell phones complicate matters even more. Once outside of town, the girl discovers that her new boyfriend is the son of Count Glomfertster, an extremely wealthy collector of antiques and old coins. The aristocrat, it turns out, is not very good at people breaking into his solemn and empty mansion without an invitation. Meanwhile, Jay must discover that his beloved’s family is raucous and frantic. His two younger brothers attempt to rob him on the street in a comical manner, his father drives a disgusting ice cream truck, his grandparents constantly complain, and his aunt is horny and eager to settle down next to him.

Your Christmas or Mine? 2022

Genre: 2022ComedyMyflixerRomance


Quality: HD


Date: December 27, 2022

IMDb: 6.4

Duration: 95 min