The Long Night 2022

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Watch full movie The Long Night 2022 online in HD on streaming site. The main character of this horror movie is an orphan named Grace. She knows nothing about her biological parents. The first childhood memories of the main character are associated with a shelter, strict educators and repeated attempts to place her in a foster family, which invariably ended in failure. Now she is already an adult and self-sufficient young lady who is able to solve problems on her own, but an unhappy childhood still left scars in her soul.

For several years, she has been unsuccessfully trying to find at least some information about her mother and father’s relatives and is not going to stop. One fine day, a certain Mr. Caldwell gets in touch with the girl, who claims that he has the information she needs and is ready to share the facts known to him in person. Without hesitation, the beauty, along with her boyfriend Jack, goes to a country estate owned by a new acquaintance. Arriving at the place, for some unknown reason. She begins to feel tension and vague anxiety – the house looks almost perfect. But the entire area around it is lined with strange pagan totems, and the feeling of death is clearly in the air.

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Review of the movie The Long Night 2022.
A quiet couples weekend takes a strange turn when a nightmarish cult and its manic leader arrive to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy.

The Long Night 2022

Genre: 2022HorrorMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: June 8, 2022

IMDb: 3.5

Duration: 91 min