A Day to Die 2022

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Watch full movie A Day to Die 2022 online in HD on flixtorto site. The main character is a man who has gotten himself into a horrible situation from which there is no way out. He only has one day left to protect his family; otherwise, everything will go wrong and his loved ones will face a real massacre. The protagonist defended a prisoner who had been granted parole. However, one must be much more cautious because this prisoner escaped and was eventually killed. The main character must now pay the debt or else this story will have an impact on his family. The leader of the criminal organisation does not want to hear about contracts or excuses.
This person is only interested in money. Two million dollars is an unfathomable sum for an ordinary person working in government. Nonetheless, he is made aware that if he does not find the required amount, his relatives will pay for it. To accomplish this, the hero must recall the good old days and his team of operatives. They collaborate to devise a strategy for obtaining money while not breaking the law. Will the team be able to put this plan into action in just 24 hours?

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Review of the movie A Day to Die 2022.
Conner Connolly, an ex-military officer, has one day to pay a gang leader $2 million. The hero is forced to commit a series of robberies and settle scores with the corrupt chief of the city police, with the help of his old team led by Bryce Mason.

A Day to Die 2022

Genre: 2022ActionCrimeDramaMystery


Quality: HD


Date: May 10, 2022

IMDb: 4.4

Duration: 105 min