Wicked Little Letters 2024

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Wicked Letters, a genuine story set in Littlehampton, Sussex in the 1920s, sounds almost ridiculous in the modern era. Journalist Jonny Sweet capitalizes on that silliness. Edith resides in her parents’ home. We are informed that they live in a Christian home, yet the only tangible proof of this is their extreme suppression, which almost feels like suffocating. Even though Edith is an adult, she nevertheless receives childlike treatment. The moment Rose moves in next door, there is an obvious seismic shift. Rose, a recent widow from the war, has a daughter and a Black boyfriend. Rose is highly sexual, mouthy and fearless when voicing her opinions. She is everything Edith is not. Browse new and upcoming movies through Flixtor vip website.

Wicked Little Letters 2024

Genre: 2024All Latest MoviesComedyCrimeDrama


Quality: HD

Date: April 11, 2024

IMDb: 7.1

Duration: 100 Min