House of the Dragon S02E02

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Although the murder of this boy puts his parents, Heleana and Aegon, at the focus. The narrative, Alicent and Rhaenyra remain at its core. Heleana feels that her sorrow is being shown off. It breaks her to have to ride at the back of the procession while her son’s body is jostled and paraded. He’s equally wounded for Aegon. But his anguish shows up as posters. He believes that his brutality shows his fortitude, so he peacocks as loudly and widely as he can. Rather, his Small Council thinks less of him. Once more, Aegon discards the only Hightower that the Greens have any hope of using by elevating Cole to his Hand. Cole dispatches Arryk to confront Erryk, his twin brother, regarding his abandonment. Browse Famous HD English Movies and TV Shows Watch Online on Flixtor in HD.

House of the Dragon S02E02

Genre: 2024ActionAdventureDrama


Date: June 27, 2024

IMDb: 8.5

Duration: 69 Minutes