The Whistlers 2020

Flixtor presents comedy movie The Whistlers 2020 in 1080p quality. An adventurous movie will unfold in Bucharest, where a corrupt police officer suddenly falls in love with a fatal beauty and is able to do something incredible for her sake. The girl herself is deeply connected with the criminal world, and therefore the policeman needs to rescue for her one important businessman-criminal who is serving time in a special remote prison on the protected island of Homer. There, he will not only help the bandit and rescue him from behind bars, but also to begin to master the secret language of the whistle, which local prisoners communicate there. But to master this skill of code communication at a distance will be so difficult, and even correctly and correctly apply it, once in a hostile criminal environment, to do everything right. It will take all the strength and all the effort, as well as ingenuity and experienced police experience. Stream flixtor HD movies online in no time.

The Whistlers 2020

Genre: 2020ComedyCrimeFixtor

Quality: HD


Date: February 29, 2020

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 97 min