Black Water Abyss 2020

Watch movie Black Water Abyss 2020 flixtor online. This movie is about an adventurous couple. They convinced their friends to explore a cave system in the forests of northern Australia. But no one has ever stepped into the cave. Suddenly a storm came and they decided to take refuge in an underground cave. The oxygen content gradually drops. They trapped in a completely unknown environment.

The flood also brought dangerous and hungry crocodiles. These friends conceal from each other are gradually revealed. They quarrel and fight each other. Just to survive this dangerous situation. Watch free flixtor horror movies & and TV shows online in 1080p HD.

Black Water Abyss 2020

Genre: 2020ActionDramaFixtorHorror


Quality: HD


Date: August 11, 2020

IMDb: 4.5

Duration: 98 min