The Vault 2021

How to stream movie The Vault (2021) on flixtor online?
You can stream The Vault (2021) movie on flixtor website for free. The main character of the movie is Thom, who is a genius engineering graduate. He wants to steal Bank of Spain’s safe. The Bank construction is over 120 years old and a security system that includes an underground river that will flood the safe room if their walls are breached. When Thom discovers that an unbelievable treasure will be held at the bank’s safe for only 10 days. He makes a plan along with the charismatic art dealer Walter. While all the residents of Madrid are distracted by the FIFA World Cup, the guys have only 85 minutes to rob the world’s most secure bank using the only weapon – the brain.

What is the top best streaming platform to watch the movie The Vault (2021)?
Stream full The Vault (2021) movie on 123movies and flixtor movies website for free. It also received our top score for new Hollywood releases, with recent Oscar nominees like Billie Eilish The World’s a Little Blurry 2021.

Review of the movie The Vault (2021).
It is a very nice Story. Interesting movie with little suspense. The best bank heist movie. This is a Considerable Movie to watch. Stream to have a great time. Complete entertaining.

The Vault 2021

Genre: 2021ActionAdventureThriller

Quality: HD


Date: March 15, 2021

IMDb: 7.1

Duration: 118 min