South of Heaven 2021

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Full Free movie South of Heaven 2021 on flixtor 2021 website. The movie story is about a man named Jimmy. He was in the jail for armed robberies. Behind bars, jimmy learned that his childhood friend and lover had been given a fatal diagnosis. The woman underwent treatment, but the doctors gave her only a year. To spend this time next to the love of his life is Jimmy’s only dream. This is what he talked about at several parole hearings. After some time he was released on condition that all the rules were observed.

Annie is incredibly happy with the return of her beloved Jimmy. He promised her this year will be the best in their lives. He also vowed to give up crime forever. After getting a job at a construction site, the hero tried to enjoy the freedom and the opportunity to be close to Annie. But one day all hopes of the former criminal destroyed by the intervention of the parole officer. Corrupt Schmidt forces his ward to commit a crime for him. At the same time, the corrupt cop threatens Annie’s safety. Now what will happen next?

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Review of the movie South of Heaven 2021.
South of Heaven 2021 is actually better than expected from director Aharon Keshales. Jason Sudeikis with his signature accent is phenomenal along with the other cast. And how the storytelling is amazing to understand. This movie is the story of a couple that is in trouble by life tragedies. South of Heaven movie devolves into a thriller at the end that is worth watching to everyone

South of Heaven 2021

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeDrama


Quality: HD


Date: December 13, 2021

IMDb: 5.2

Duration: 120 min