The Tearsmith 2024

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Children named Nica and Rigel reside in a depressing orphanage in The Tearsmith. It is overseen by a cruel woman. Keeping an eye on Nica, Rigel requests to accompany her when she is adopted as a teenager. Nica will try to blend in with her new family and classmates there. But Rigel will stay hidden and never reveal his true motives or the source of his own enigmatic, frequent headaches. Nica can’t help but feel anything for Rigel even when she starts dating her classmate Lionel. Will their desire to one another ruin their new lives and return them to the foster home? Simone Baldasseroni and Caterina Ferioli are a fantastic match for each other, perfectly executing their roles. Their characters’ intense passion and suffering are both palpable. Browse new and upcoming movies through Flixtor movies and tv shows without any hassles.

The Tearsmith 2024

Genre: 2024All Latest MoviesDramaFantasyRomance


Quality: HD

Date: April 15, 2024

IMDb: 5.3

Duration: 103 Min