The Summoned 2022

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Watch full free movie The Summoned 2022 online in HD on Myflixer Movies streaming site. Elijah is a humble, middle-class mechanic who joins Lynn, a music superstar, on a self-help therapy retreat in a remote area. Tara, a snobbish actress, and her boyfriend Joe, a bastard turned millionaire on his own, join them. The couples must explore and discover each other during their three-day stay. Except for Elijah, they seem to enjoy the eccentric doctor Frost’s programme. He has morbid visions of death and danger during blackouts and dream states. He soon becomes entangled in a generations-old conspiracy that will force him to make a difficult decision.

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Review of the movie The Summoned 2022.
The film is shot and executed flawlessly. It’s quite a remarkable feat, especially when you hear some of the stories about the difficulties encountered during filming. Johnson and Fitzpatrick deliver a truly stunning musical performance, which isn’t exactly a spoiler. The film is admittedly slow to start, but once it does, it takes off with a force that will have your head spinning in the best way possible. Moments that may have you scratching your head in the beginning pay off in a clever series of twists and turns based on the classic Faustian morality tale. It’s not a gorefest, but it’s a superbly executed thriller that stands out in the genre. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out in July, as it’s clear it’ll improve with a second viewing.

The Summoned 2022

Genre: 2022HorrorMyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: July 8, 2022

IMDb: 6.1

Duration: 86 min