Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2022

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Watch full movie Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2022 online in HD on flixtor USA & UK streaming site. The movie story is about Chip and Dale. They are the most famous lifeguards in the world. Heroes are always ready to be in the center of events. Their irrepressible energy does not allow them to sit still. Chip and Dale search for missing jewels, conduct detective investigations, fight cunning and dangerous villains, participate in chases and are not afraid of even the most risky adventures. They do not work alone in their team. The rescue squad includes the skillful inventor Gadget, the nimble Zipper and the healthy and strong Roquefort, who at the right time join the common cause.

New Chip and Dale return to the screens in a slightly different way. They no longer save anyone, but simply live a quiet and peaceful life and pretend that they like this existence. But how can rescuers be able to do without adventures for a long time? Of course not. And, as soon as a new business appears, they are immediately ready to shake themselves up, gather their like-minded people and rush to help those who need it. So, the heroes are waiting for new chases and new battles. And nothing will stop them on the way to their goal.

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Review of the movie Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2022.
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is a famous show that once starred Chipmunks and their friends. 30 years have passed. Chip has become an insurance agent, and Dale earns money by talking about his previous successes at various festivals. But when their friend goes missing, the Chipmunks team up again to save their friend.

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2022

Genre: 2022AdventureAnimationComedyMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: May 23, 2022

IMDb: 7.3

Duration: 97 min