Sharper 2023

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Sharper film is base on character Tom, who runs an antiquarian bookstore in New York. One day he meets Sandra, an insatiable bibliophile, and although it seems like we’re dealing with a tender and honest love story, it’s actually Max and Madeline, two professional con artists in search of Tom’s family’s money. When they go to a restaurant together for the first time, they both realize how much they common – down to a love for a very special book, which Tom happens to have a first edition of. “Sharper” is divided into four parts: the stories of Tom, Sandra, Max, and Madeline. Each part reflects the role that these characters play within the narrative, playing both victims and perpetrators. Watch free Sharper 2023 in full HD print on Flixtor without any extra payment and signup.

Sharper 2023

Genre: CrimeDramaFixtorFlixTor 2023MyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: February 20, 2023

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 116 min