The Bad Guys 2022

How to stream movie The Bad Guys 2022 online on FlixTor?.
Watch full movie The Bad Guys 2022 online in HD on myFlixer movie website. The cartoon depicts exciting stories when a gang of professional thieves appears in the city, which quickly becomes the talk of the town, literally at every turn. Mr. Wolf is a cunning and nimble pickpocket who has evaded the police yet again. Mr. Snake, the always calm and very experienced master of surveillance Mr. Shark, the strong Mr. Piranha, and the incredibly smart hacker Miss Tarantula work with him to break into a safe with the most shady password in a matter of minutes. Friends can accomplish anything when they work together, but professionals can make stupid and inconvenient mistakes. Criminals face incarceration. To avoid such an outcome, the gang’s leader invites his comrades to take the path of correction. Mr. Wolf is so cunning that the thieves are unsure whether to trust him. He always has a backup plan, which he rarely shares with others in advance. Friends, on the other hand, make an effort to improve. The city is in grave danger, which can only be averted by those with extensive criminal experience.

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Watch full movie The Bad Guys 2022 on MyFlixer & 123movies site. If you want to watch the new movies online, there is a MyFlixer website that has a genres section to find free content. There is some more interesting genre such as New movies, Most popular and much more.

Review of the movie The Bad Guys 2022.
These four, let’s say, colleagues: Wolf, Piranha, Snake, and Shark, had spent their entire lives involved in criminal cases and believed that this was the source of their happiness. But, for some reason, the excitement of fraud fades each year, and the screams of the victims begin to irritate. The desire to begin doing only good deeds is an unexpected idea. Will these notorious bandits be able to become good citizens if all of their noble impulses lead them into absurd situations?

The Bad Guys 2022

Genre: 2022AdventureAnimationComedyMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: May 3, 2022

IMDb: 7.0

Duration: 100 min