Spirited 2022

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Watch full free movie Spirited 2022 online on flixtor website in HD. The plot revolves around the greedy millionaire Ebenezer Scrooge, who is only concerned with money. He was a good-natured guy from a poor family twenty years ago, but one day, he and Jacob Marley opened a Credit Office. Big and easy money quickly transformed the guy into a greedy egoist. Many years pass, and Scrooge never has a family, despite having a lot of money. Scrooge despises the poor and is perplexed as to how his poor nephew is always happy. Most of all, Ebenezer despises the Christmas holiday. This year, on the eve of Christmas, the spirit of Jacob Marley visits Scrooge and tells him that people like them are doomed to eternal terrible suffering after death, and that Scrooge must change his attitude toward money and the people around him. Is the protagonist prepared for re-education?

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Watch full movie Spirited 2022 on FlixTor & Myflixer movies site. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old man who is miserly, selfish, obnoxious, and lonely. On the eve of the following Christmas, a holiday that Scrooge despises, he is visited by three Spirits of Christmas – past, present, and future. The hero recalls how he once loved, looks at himself from the side, and realises he is dying alone.

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Sean Anders and John Morris directed the musical comedy film In the Spirit of Christmas. Gloria Sanchez Productions is in charge of the production. Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Joe Tippett, Aimee Carrero, Octavia Spencer, Sunita Mani, and others star in the film.

Spirited 2022

Genre: 2022ComedyFamilyMusicalMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: November 22, 2022

IMDb: 6.2

Duration: 127 min