Against The Ice 2022

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Watch full movie Against The Ice 2022 online in HD. In 1909, a Danish expedition led by Ejnar Mikkelsen on the sloop Alabama attempted to reject US claims to northeast Greenland. That was based on the US-supported idea that Greenland is not a single island but was divided into two distinct landmasses. Leaving the sloop with the crew, Mikkelsen sets off on a sleigh journey on the Greenland ice, together with the young and inexperienced member of the expedition, Iver Iversen.
The researchers managed to prove that Greenland is a solid island. But the return to the sloop took longer than expected, and was associated with considerable difficulties. They ran out of food, they were overcome by fatigue, and on the way they were attacked by a polar bear. Watch 2022 movies myflixer life website.

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The film tells about Ejnar Mikkelsen, who in 1909 went in search of the remains of polar explorers who died in Greenland. Trying to get into the difficult part of the island, Mikkelsen takes with him only one assistant, the young sailor Iver Iversen, and together they try to survive and return home.

Against The Ice 2022

Genre: 2022AdventureDramaHistoryMyflixer

Quality: HD


Date: March 3, 2022

IMDb: 6.5

Duration: 102 min