Shazam Fury Of The Gods 2023

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Billy Batson, a teenage boy with the ability to miraculously transform into the formidable adult superhero Shazam, is back in the role played by Zachary Levi. He now has to battle the goddess Atlas’ daughters. Hespera and Kalypso have acquired a magic staff that enables them to summon extraordinary powers and sap the abilities of others. To exact revenge on the Wizard for killing their father, the women intend to carry out a diabolical scheme. With the aid of his foster siblings, whom he gave unique talents at the conclusion of the first film, Billy sets out to stop them. Freddy, one of those siblings, is fixated with Ann, the adorable new student. Enjoy HD Hollywood trending Flixtor free movies without any ads.

Review of the film Shazam Fury Of The Gods 2023.
It provides audience with a lot of amusing and humorous moments. It has been so long since I have thoroughly liked something, and it is undoubtedly a family film. It’s a wonderful ride that transports you to Greek mythology’s majesty and the wizarding world.

Shazam Fury Of The Gods 2023

Genre: ActionAdventureComedyFlixTor 2023


Quality: HD


Date: March 20, 2023

IMDb: 6.7

Duration: 130 min