Army of One 2020

How to watch movie Army of One 2020 on flixtor online?
You can watch Hollywood Army of One movie on Flixtor website without signup or subscription. The story of the movie is about Special Force. While hiking, Brenner Baker stumbled upon the compound of a drug cartel. If her husband was killed, she just waited to die. The drug cartel made two mistakes and killed her husband, leaving her alive. Users can choose movies from a range of fixtor genres from comedy to drama and Horror.

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Stream Army of One 2020 movie in great HD quality on Putlocker website. Here, users can find a wide range of Hollywood movies and TV series titles. They can make their choice by looking into various categories like new arrivals, genre and famous.

Review of the movie Army of One 2020.
Highly recommended! At first, ARMY OF ONE comes across as a horror film but it takes a sharp twist into a full-on revenge plot. The fight sequences of the movie are great and the actress is very convincing in her role. If you’re looking for something that isn’t a bore but not spectacular. ARMY OF ONE is the best choice.

Army of One 2020

Genre: 2020Action


Quality: HD


Date: December 21, 2020

IMDb: 5.5

Duration: 90 min