Swamp Thing S01-E06-The Price You Pay

Avery’s trackers hunt Swamp Thing down like an animal, but he defends himself against his attackers. The sheriff’s office send Matt to investigate the matter. Matt is able to track down the creature. Abby breaks up a brief fight between Matt and Swamp Thing and reveals to Matt that the creature standing before him is in fact Alec Holland. Matt confesses to Lucilia that he killed Alec for Avery to protect her. Liz tells Abby that the goons that attacked her earlier were sent by Avery. Abby confronts Avery over Liz’s allegations. Avery tells Abby that he forgives her this time, but that he won’t be so forgiving next time. Daniel lies in coma and while unconscious he remembers the deal that he made with the Phantom Stranger that resulted in him being unable to leave Marais. Jason manages to wake Daniel up, but his experiments on Daniel almost transforms him into Blue Devil. Jason’s wife Caroline sedates Daniel. Xanadu visits him at the hospital and relieves his pain.

Genre: 2019ActionAdventureDramaTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 1h

TMDb: 8.9