Griselda Season 1

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The story takes place in 1987 in Medellin, Colombia. It chronicles the travels of mother and mobster Griselda Blanco. When Griselda’s phone gets broken, she uses a maxi pad to hide the hole and contacts her buddy Carmen. Carmen is struggling with her issues after entering the country illegally, so she is not particularly supportive. With her three teenage sons, Uber, Dixon and Ozzy, in tow, Griselda is resolved to leave her husband, Alberto Bravo, and relocate to Miami. She is adamant that they must look for a better life. Griselda finally persuades her sons to leave after a confrontation with Alberto, at which point she leaves for Miami. Go to the Flix tor website, find for your favorite series and then stream it for free.

Genre: 2024BiographyCrimeDramaTv-Show


Quality: HD

Duration: 52 Min