Secret Invasion S01 E02

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Fans of the MCU may remember that Nick Fury was most recently pictured unwinding in space while supervising the development of a cutting-edge space station. Now that unsettling events have brought him back to Earth, he is reunited with Maria Hill, a confidante he has known for a long time, and Talos, a former foe who has become a friend thanks to Captain Marvel’s Skrull Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), who was desperate to establish a new home for his people. Talos alerts Fury to Gravik, a renegade Skrull who is taking matters into his own hands because he is fed up with unfulfilled promises of a new country. How? by planning an assault of the most potent areas of Earth. You can use filters to genres and titles on Flixtor to website.

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Duration: 56 min

TMDb: 7.5