His Dark Materials S01E05

His Dark Materials S01E05 is the latest hollywood tv series in high definition quality. Lyra and the gypsies travel further north with Scorsby and Iorek, looking for the children kidnapped by the Priests. Lyra receives a warning from the alethiometer telling her that she must go to a nearby fishing village. The gypsies don’t want to let her go, but Iorek agrees to take her there. On alternate Earth, Will Parry looks after his ailing mother while attending high school. They are pursued by Thomas and Father Boreal, who are looking for information on Will’s father, John Parry. Elaine gives Will a stack of letters from his father explaining his disappearance. Boreal somehow discovers that John has been traveling the Multiverse since his disappearance from the alternate Earth thirteen years earlier. Thomas suggests that evidence of how he did it could have been hidden in Parry’s house. Farder Koram meets with Seraphina Pekkala to discuss the Multiverse and the coming war. Meanwhile, in the North, Lyra arrives with Iorek in a fishing village and finds Billy Costa, from whom the Priests took the daemon. Lyra and Iorek return Billy to his family, but he soon dies and the entire community mourns for him. At night, the camp is attacked by a detachment of Samoyed hunters who kidnap Lyra and Pan and deliver them to Bolvangar at the base of the Priests. On Flixtor stream movies you can find all TV shows’ episodes easily.

Genre: AdventureDramaFamilyFixtorTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 55min

TMDb: 8.2