The Last of Us S01E08

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In a snowy town, David preaches to a group at a get-together. When Hannah, a young girl, begins to cry, the preacher kneels beside her and reads scripture. It appears that Hannah’s father has passed away, but the ground is too cold to bury him. When James calls out after spotting some deer in the group, they set out to hunt. However, David hears some hesitation in James’ voice, and they admit that the past six months have been difficult. Ellie continues to care for Joel, but he remains weak. With the food over, Ellie looks up and sees the rifle. She tells Joel to sit tight and leaves the house to go hunting. He sees a deer in the forest. She kills it, but the deer escapes. Stream The Last of Us S01E08 full episode in HD quality for free on Flixtor. Here you do not registration for online streaming.

Genre: ActionAdventureDramaFlixTor 2023MyflixerTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 50 min

TMDb: 9.4