1923 S01E07

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In this week’s episode of 1923, “The Rule of Five Hundred,” Jacob relents and allows the sheriff to arrest Banner, the search for Teona leads to a pile of bodies, and Spencer and Alex discover Italy has arrived. But more troubles may await them. Although Spencer is eager to return Alexandra to her family, there is an air of uncertainty about whether she will be allowed to travel to America with a man they consider a stranger. Alexandra will resist her family’s pressure tactics, and Spencer will have to step in, now that they are married. Dutton’s war with Banner has just begun, and with Don Whitfield joining in, there will be a full action plan executed by both sides to start a long battle between the two. Stream online 1923 S01E07 and all episodes of this series for free on Flixtor. Here you don’t pay anything to streaming online.

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Duration: 52 min

TMDb: 7.9