Old Dads 2023

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Judd Apatow has devoted a large portion of the 21st century to illustrating to Americans how guys grow into men. His films created coming-of-age stories for mature minors who were well into legal maturity. Paul Rudd’s character in This is 40 stared down the barrel of middle age, while Seth Rogen’s character in Knocked Up modeled irresponsibility for twenty-and thirtysomethings; in both cases, however, they came to the vital realization that they need to let go of the last remnants of immaturity in order to support the people they care about. For these schlubs, going to rock concerts without receiving permission from your wife, using pot during the day, and banging Wu-Tang with buddies were all necessary to stay youthful forever. The availability of vast content puts Flixtor on the list of best movie streaming sites in world.

Old Dads 2023

Genre: All Latest MoviesComedyFlixTor 2023


Quality: HD


Date: October 27, 2023

IMDb: 6.3

Duration: 104 min