Night Swim 2024 CAM Version

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Night Swim bases its concept on this notion, its execution is mediocre. The movie centers on a family that, following the father, moves into a home with a creepy pool. Ray Waller must give up baseball after receiving an MS diagnosis. It works best when it centers on the dynamics inside the family, particularly in relation to Ray’s unwillingness to let go of his baseball career. Although McGuire’s film makes an attempt to explore the characters’ feelings of insecurity and doubt, it falls short in this regard. Russell does a good job as well in this movie, despite having to sit through some awkward scenes. Get popular 2024 Flixtor movies online without any subsciption fees.

Night Swim 2024 CAM Version

Genre: 2024All Latest MoviesHorrorThriller

Quality: CAM

Date: January 11, 2024

IMDb: 5.0

Duration: 98 Min