Luther The Fallen Sun 2023

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Detective John Luther wasn’t always as strict about following the laws and regulations in his line of employment. When he was able to apprehend criminals in this way, he frequently crossed international borders. But this becomes his downfall because he was doing it with the psychotic millionaire David Robey. Luther is shamed, fired from the police service, and even sent to prison thanks to Robey, who is skilled at gathering everyone’s dark secrets and using them against them. The ex-cop, though, has no intention of simply letting it go. Instead, he makes use of a perfect opportunity to escape from jail and return to the pursuit of Robey. Catch all-new Flixtor Movies collections for free of cost.

Review of the film Luther The Fallen Sun 2023.
Although I haven’t yet seen Andy Serkis underperform in a role, I adored him as the new villain. He was amazing casting. My only complaint is that there isn’t another to watch right away despite the excellent supporting roles. This, in my opinion, is the new Bond film for our time. It has a more current, realistic plot and is far scarier.

Luther The Fallen Sun 2023

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Date: March 13, 2023

IMDb: 6.4

Duration: 129 min