The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

Watch movie The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020 flixtor in HD quality.This is an Action, Crime, Drama film. The movie story is about a powerful gang leader whose savagery is feared in the middle fails to be murdered by a man who flees without being identified. If he barely survived the attack, the gangster knows that his reputation is irreparably damaged: he must find the killer and make him pay. For his part, a police inspector is convinced that the famous killer is the elusive serial killer named “K”. The cop and the gangster will then join forces to get their hands on the killer. But if the first fantasy to see him behind bars, the second has only one idea in mind: to see him die.You can also watch flixtor action movies in HD without a subscription.

The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

Genre: 2020ActionCrimeDramaFixtor


Quality: HD


Date: March 28, 2020

IMDb: 6.9

Duration: 109 min