The Next 365 Days 2022

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Watch full free movie The Next 365 Days 2022 online in HD on myflixers website. This is the third chapter of the love story of the beautiful Laura and the young mafia Massimo. With his appearance, a charismatic gardener named Nacho causes a rift between the spouses, resulting in a love triangle. The situation worsens when the girl becomes involved in a gangster brawl after being seriously injured. She takes advantage of a good opportunity to flee with her lover, leaving her husband to mourn. However, she soon discovers that Nacho is actually a member of another crime family, causing their relationship to fall apart.

Having healed her wounds, Laura comes to the conclusion that she still loves Massimo, although the deceiver Nacho is still not indifferent, which makes it difficult for the girl to make the final choice. She switches to a career in the fashion industry, trying to figure out her own desires. After soberly analyzing everything that happened to her over the past year, she comes to the conclusion that Massimo is actually far from the ideal man, given the fact that he kidnapped her and held her hostage by force, forcing her to love him. At the same time, Laura also has complaints about Nacho. She is no longer sure that he can make her happy.

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Review of the movie The Next 365 Days 2022
Laura and Massimo, whose already difficult relationship is about to be shattered, are at the centre of the film. They are attempting to overcome trust issues and overcome jealousy. Everything is not so simple, because Massimo’s family ties and a certain man named Marcelo Nacho Matose, who is clearly a contender for the attractive Laura’s heart and is unlikely to back down, complicate the situation.

The Next 365 Days 2022

Genre: 2022DramaMyflixerRomance

Quality: HD


Date: September 13, 2022

IMDb: 2.7

Duration: 102 min