1923 S01E02

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Watch full free 1923 S01E02 online on FlixTor website in HD. Spencer Dutton is attacked by the leopard, as he was at the end of the first episode, but he manages to fight it off. His friends come to his aid, but one of them is attacked. It allows Spencer and the surviving associate to kill the leopard but not save the man. Spencer then enlists the help of a doctor among the tourists to clean the leopard’s claw wounds, as leopards have filthy claws. Spencer also confronts the tour guide about failing to disclose the presence of a pair of leopards. Jacob and the others in Montana hear the gunshot and ride to find out what happened. Jake is discovered pinned beneath his horse, which was shot by the sheepherders. Before they can kill him, they are stopped, and Jacob confronts Banner. Banner claims he doesn’t know who shot at him, but Jake claims they all did. Banner defends himself by claiming that nothing grazes that high. Jacob directs his men to gather the sheep and transport them to the reservation, where people are starving. Jacob then ties Banner and his men to their horses with nooses, leaving them to hang if the horses flee or otherwise free themselves.

1923 S01E02

Genre: 2022DramaTv-ShowWestern


Quality: HD


Date: January 2, 2023

IMDb: 8.4

Duration: 48 min