Asteroid City 2023

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It takes place sometime in the middle of the 1950s in the American desert hamlet of Asteroid City, so named because 3,000 years ago a meteorite landed there. It presently serves as the site of a US government observatory, but it is also where an annual convention recognising the young creators of the best high-school science projects takes place. These projects are of course hysterically frightening and cutting-edge, including a fully operational death ray. Amusingly, the town welcomes the country’s “junior stargazers and space cadets” on a sign, jokingly assuming that the term “space cadet” actually did once exist in this civilised form. You can stream Flixtor full movies and shows without paying any extra cost.

Asteroid City 2023

Genre: All Latest MoviesComedyDramaFlixTor 2023Romance


Quality: HD


Date: June 24, 2023

IMDb: 7.1

Duration: 104 min