Beau Is Afraid 2023

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With Joaquin Phoenix, one of the best performers working today and one of my favourite actors, the brilliant A24 filmmaker Ari Aster returns to the big screen. From beginning to end, “Beau is Afraid” is about a worried man’s exhaustingly lengthy journey to see his mother. Joaquin consistently chooses really ethereal and difficult character parts, and overall he does exceptionally well in all of his film efforts. This movie is primarily a dreamlike experience. It may be ballsy, overbearing, and occasionally even suffocating for the viewer. Since not everything is meant to be taken literally, this plays off rather well. On the surface, there are typically a lot of melodramatically tinged black comedy elements. Get best alternative of Flixtor si site and browse collections of popular tv shows online.

Beau Is Afraid 2023

Genre: All Latest MoviesComedyDramaFlixTor 2023HorrorMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: April 25, 2023

IMDb: 7.2

Duration: 2h 59m