Air 2023

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The story in which is based on a genuine account, speaks for itself. It’s interesting to read about the shoe industry and how Converse, Adidas, and Nike competed to sign one of the greatest athletes in history. Although it’s difficult to tell how much of the story is made up, the movie’s plot is incredibly intriguing and motivational. This film is very amusing. My smile was never taken off by Sonny and David Falk’s interactions, and it was clear that they were having a great time while filming this. As the story comes to a close, additional information is revealed through video and images of the real characters. Browse Flixtor top quality movies and tv shows of 2023 with no membership plans.

Air 2023

Genre: DramaFlixTor 2023Myflixer


Quality: HD


Date: April 7, 2023

IMDb: 7.9

Duration: 112 min