Yes Day 2021

How to stream movie Yes Day (2021) on flixtor online?

This movie is about an ordinary American family. Allison and Carlos have three children and often say no to them. They are confident that both are doing everything right. They think children also have to follow certain rules and behave well. But one day they decide to change their approach a little in order to determine the creativity of their children. After carefully considering everything, the adults decide to arrange the so-called “yes” day, when they will fulfill all the whims of the young family members. They did not even imagine that the family would be carried away by a whirlpool of adventure.

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Review of the movie Yes Day (2021).
This is the best film I have seen in 2021. Jenna Ortega is an incredible entertainer, and I trust her essence in this film influenced the entire film. She has a particularly incredible aura to her, and I can hardly wait to see her in more movies. Jennifer Garner also did stunning. You will really like both of them in the movie.

Yes Day 2021

Genre: 2021ComedyFamily



Quality: HD


Date: March 18, 2021

IMDb: 5.8

Duration: 86 min