Guest House 2020

Watch English movie Guest House 2020 flixtor online in HD. Young people who recently tied the knot have found the luxury home of their dreams. They are confident that the move will be a new stage in their happy family life. But the heroes could not even imagine what difficulties they would face. The previous owner has a friend who most impudently settles in the house of the new tenants. He did not ask anyone’s permission and certainly does not intend to leave this place. So a fierce confrontation begins between the spouses and the uninvited guest, which greatly changes the lives of the spouses. Will they be able to cope with all the problems, keep their composure and stay together? Get your instant pass to the USA’s largest movie collection with FLIXTOR.

Guest House 2020

Genre: 2020Comedy


Quality: HD


Date: November 6, 2020

IMDb: 4.6

Duration: 84 min