WarHunt 2022

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Watch full movie WarHunt 2022 online in HD. The movie story is about a military cargo plane. One day, when cargo plane suddenly loses control and crashes deep behind enemy lines in the middle of the German Black Forest. The main character of the movie named Major Johnson (Mickey Rourke) sends a squad of his bravest soldiers on a rescue mission to retrieve the top-secret material the plane was carrying. Led by Sergeant Brewer and Walsh, the soldiers head deep into the woods near the crash site. They soon discover hanging Nazi soldiers and other corpses bearing ancient magical symbols. Suddenly, the compass goes haywire and their perceptions are distorted and the deviance from the path sends them downright terrified as the party is attacked by some powerful supernatural force. Now, what will happen next? Watch free movies on myflixer site in HD.

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Review of the movie WarHunt 2022.
The action takes place during the Second World War. A very turbulent time, considering the circumstances. The United States decides to send a brave amphibious aircraft to perform an important and responsible mission.

WarHunt 2022

Genre: 2022ActionHorrorMyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: January 22, 2022

IMDb: 5.4

Duration: 93 min