Thelma the Unicorn 2024

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Thelma’s life takes a dramatic turn after a bizarre truck accident, transforming her into something extraordinary that immediately captures the attention of tourists. The story of “Thelma the Unicorn” revolves around a battle for her head and heart. With Peggy celebrating her natural talent while Vic seeks to profit from it, disregarding Nikki. Although the rise-to-fame storyline is not original it remains vibrant as Thelma pursues. Her dream of stardom including performing in Las Vegas as the opening act for Nikki. A subplot emerges when the narwhal becomes jealous, and Megan, a junior agent, is assigned to uncover damaging information about the unicorn in an attempt to destroy her. Vic intentionally separates Thelma from Otis and Reggie pushing her to become a solo act. Stream Full HD English Movie Online on Flixtor Movies in HD.

Thelma the Unicorn 2024

Genre: 2024AdventureAnimationComedy


Date: May 22, 2024

IMDb: 5.9

Duration: 93 minutes